What's all this about?

I write code

I aim for code that is maintainable, accessible, re-usable, and semantic. Sure, none of these things are cool. But all of my work revolves around them regardless, because that is how I roll. Cool acronym, though.

I read, voraciously

I read mostly pop-science and maths books, non-fiction. I'm partial to both Terry Pratchett and PG Wodehouse. I read graphic novels to classics, comedy to tragedy. My favourite poet is Philip Larkin.

I ride bikes

I have a nice stable of bikes (not enough though). Do you like bikes? I like bikes. I like riding my bikes. If you like bikes too, we could go for a ride! How about the Surrey Hills? They're my favourite. You know you want to.

I do other stuff

Baking, photography, bellydance, running. I like comics, especially the niche ones, as I'm a bit of a hipster. Sorry. I like video games, too. I'm learning to spin poi, and I own a Suzuki VanVan motorbike.

Places I hang out

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Flickr, Project Euler, and Steam. I play Urban Dead and Kingdom of Loathing (ID #2392571).
I do not own any TF2 iPod headphones.

Adventure Log

Setting up Vagrant boxes for web development

  • 2014-02-27 10:10:09

Vagrant is amazing. If you're not using it yet, then you should be. It's strength is that you have a portable server that doesn't need set up on every machine you own that you can just go off and use without messing about. If something goes wrong with it, just destroy the virtual machine and reload it.

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